Saturday, March 18, 2017

"The Glass Slipper" is available now at Amazon!

My latest story The Glass Slipper, published by JMS Books, is now available on Amazon!  It's my M/M take on Cinderella.  Read the excerpt below!

Cillian is trapped in his small village, by his loser uncle and cousins until the royal family comes to the village. The Queen Mother Beyta seeks him out to repair a glass slipper the Princess Itha broke.  Cillian’s uncle and cousins try to sabotage his work for Beyta but she saves him and brings him to the notice of the King, the prince and princess.  He presents a gift to the lovely Princess Itha but he catches the eye of the handsome Prince Pari.  Who will break the curse of his entrapment and cast a spell on him?

A noise above him brought Cillian out of his thoughts. The door opened and footsteps descended the stone steps. Arten appeared dressed in his finest jerkin with slashed sleeves and satin chemise, his best hose and a hat Cillian had never seen before. His boots had been cleaned and tied with new laces. He carried a bowl and a wooden spoon.
     Arten sat the bowl and spoon on a small table and removed Cillian’s gag.
     “We’re off to the holy day celebration dinner at the king’s cottage,” he sneered. “The Queen Mother came by and picked up the slippers but we told her you were all tied up.” He laughed at his own joke and then pivoted in place. “By the way, do you like my new hat? I used the money you hid to purchase it today.”
     Cillian gaped but said nothing, glaring at him.
     “I brought you some soup for you, since you won’t get anything else until breakfast,” Arten said caustically. He brought the bowl and spoon closer to Cillian. Ladling some of the soup, he held the spoon to Cillian’s lips, letting him take some food. The broth was cold and watery, with little taste. He screwed up his face as he swallowed the vile liquid.
     Arten raised another spoonful to his mouth. This time, Cillian took the soup in his mouth and then spat it out, spraying Arten’s fine clothing.
     “My jerkin! It’s ruined! You bastard,” Arten shouted. He dropped the bowl to the floor and slapped Cillian hard across the face. Cillian’s head snapped around at the blow. He turned to face Arten but received another strike. And a third.
     He endured several minutes of the beating, until Arten stopped, seemingly more from fatigue rather than mercy.
     “Just starve then! See if I care!” he screamed. He re-tied Cillian’s gag, tighter than before. Arten ran out the door and slammed it behind him, leaving Cillian in the dark.

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