Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Oklahoma City closing schools due to budget cuts

Always one to sacrifice education and children, Oklahoma's budget deficit and their government's unwillingness to stop sucking up to the oil & gas industry has led to Oklahoma City's school district to shut down several elementary schools.  The media has also blamed low enrollment as part of the reason for the closings, but it's clear in the articles the decrease in the state's budget is the main culprit.

Five elementary schools are on the chopping block: Edgemere, Gatewood, F.D. Moon, Green Pastures and Johnson.

The plan has also been labelled a "consolidation" plan since the students from the schools that are closing will be sent to other schools nearby.  They appear to be dancing around the subject, perhaps they don't want to "anger" Governor Scary Failing who continues to cut funding for education.


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