Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Pointer Sisters release "Serious Slammin'" 1988

The amazing Pointer Sisters released their thirteenth studio album "Serious Slammin'" in March 1988.  Although it didn't do as well as some of their previous albums, "He Turned Me Out" was featured in the movie "Action Jackson".

The title track is one of my most frequently played songs on my iPad!

"Oklahoma!" opens on Broadway 1943

When "Oklahoma!" the musical opened on Broadway March 31, 1943, many thought it was doomed.  It was Richard Rogers' first collaboration with Oscar Hammerstein II and the pre-buzz about the musical, previously titled "Away We Go", said it had no chance. 

From its opening, it struck a chord with audiences and set a Broadway record of 2,212 performances before closing 15 years later.

Here's a video of Hugh Jackman (swoon!) singing the title song.  He's gorgeous but needs to work on that Okie accent.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cruising Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

The last stop on our cruise was Puerto Limon, Costa Rica.  It was Good Friday so most businesses were closed for the weekend. 

Entrance to a city park.

Air plants grow on trees.

They're difficult to see but there are two owls looking down at us.

The sloth was much easier to see.

Leaving the Panama Canal

We reached the locks on the Pacific Ocean side of the canal.
The container ship on the left is the MSC Anisha R from Monrovia.  We followed her into the canal that same morning.

We shared locks with this sight-seeing yacht and the Leto, which can just be seen coming into view around the bend in the background.

Entering the locks.

Mule drivers were friendly.

Entering the first chamber.

We waited for the Leto at every lock because she was so slow.

Bob touching the side of the Panama Canal.

Fuzzy touching the side of the Panama Canal.

Going down slowly.

The doors opening to allow us into Lake Miraflores, another man-made lake.

At the other end of the lake is the last set of locks.

Here comes the Leto finally.

Going down again.

Doors opening.

Entering the last chamber.


Going down for the last time.

Doors opening.

Toward the Pacific Ocean.

Entering the Pacific Ocean!

Cruising the Panama Canal

We took a bus from the Zuiderdam, drove to the other side of Lake Gatun and boarded a sight-seeing boat.  The crew took us all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

The new Panama Canal

Panama is building another canal that should be open later this year, to accommodate larger ships.  And get more money, too.

Recycling bays.

The workers were pretty cool!

This is where the new canal joins (or splits from) the old canal in the Pacific Ocean.