Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review of Darkness Roams by Nomar Knight

Having met and spent time with the author in Puerto Rico, I understand his numerous references to the beautiful island in Darkness Roams, but then it’s a mystery how an easy-going laid-back fellow like Nomar can come up with such a dark, demented supernatural thriller.  I enjoy horror but my taste and comfort level encompass a narrow range of subjects.  Ghost Rider had been my only venture into the realm of demons and the Underworld.

Knight’s protagonist (and oftentimes, antagonist) Oscuro is the King of Suicides, a demigod, neither evil nor good.  He feeds off the despair of the despondent souls, bent on self-destruction.  Their feelings of hopelessness and despair call him automatically to their presences.  Once the unfortunate soul has succeeded in their mission, they find themselves in Oscuro’s domain, where he ‘welcomes’ them to an eternity in oblivion, everlasting torture.

However, like the Spirit of Vengeance, Oscuro has a heart and the psky thing gives him no shortage of grief.  Demigods are not supposed to fall in love with humans and the other denizens of the realm of immortals, demons and fallen angels, have no issues challenging him on it.  Or just challenging him for any number of reasons.

Although a great read, some seems aren’t for the weak of heart.  Or stomach.  Knight describes in gritty detail Oscuro’s eternal punishment of his victims.  His depictions are graphic and leave little to the imagination, but Nomar gives Oscuro an acerbic wit that adds a bit of comic relief.  It helps break up the dark subject matter at times.

Despite the darkness and sometimes morbid action, the pages seemed to fly by.  If you’re a horror fan, you will enjoy Darkness Roams.