Sunday, December 15, 2013

Review of I-35 by Brett Selmont

I downloaded the Kindle version of this story a few weeks ago when a friend posted the cover pic on Pinterest.  Of course, being an Okie, the words 'I-35' and 'Oklahoma' sparked my curiosity and the blurb made it sound exciting.  The blurb was not wrong.

The story opens with David, a twenty-something loser, waking up in the back seat of his car in Minneapolis, far from his home in New York City.  He has no idea how he got there and cannot remember the past three days.  The only clue is a frantic and disturbing voice mail from his brother.  David hasn't heard from Jim in years, but he's family and David sets out down I-35, following sparse clues.

At a truck stop in Oklahoma, he meets a strange young woman, Shawna, who seems to know all about him and his past.  She joins him in his search for his brother.

The ending is a total shocker.  I won't post any spoilers here because I'm not even sure I understood it.  I'll say that it reads like Nomar Knight's Darkness Roams.  What starts out to be a psychological thriller takes a strange turn into the supernatural.

This isn't for everyone, especially the faint of heart, but it is a wild ride.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review of Darkness Roams by Nomar Knight

Having met and spent time with the author in Puerto Rico, I understand his numerous references to the beautiful island in Darkness Roams, but then it’s a mystery how an easy-going laid-back fellow like Nomar can come up with such a dark, demented supernatural thriller.  I enjoy horror but my taste and comfort level encompass a narrow range of subjects.  Ghost Rider had been my only venture into the realm of demons and the Underworld.

Knight’s protagonist (and oftentimes, antagonist) Oscuro is the King of Suicides, a demigod, neither evil nor good.  He feeds off the despair of the despondent souls, bent on self-destruction.  Their feelings of hopelessness and despair call him automatically to their presences.  Once the unfortunate soul has succeeded in their mission, they find themselves in Oscuro’s domain, where he ‘welcomes’ them to an eternity in oblivion, everlasting torture.

However, like the Spirit of Vengeance, Oscuro has a heart and the psky thing gives him no shortage of grief.  Demigods are not supposed to fall in love with humans and the other denizens of the realm of immortals, demons and fallen angels, have no issues challenging him on it.  Or just challenging him for any number of reasons.

Although a great read, some seems aren’t for the weak of heart.  Or stomach.  Knight describes in gritty detail Oscuro’s eternal punishment of his victims.  His depictions are graphic and leave little to the imagination, but Nomar gives Oscuro an acerbic wit that adds a bit of comic relief.  It helps break up the dark subject matter at times.

Despite the darkness and sometimes morbid action, the pages seemed to fly by.  If you’re a horror fan, you will enjoy Darkness Roams.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Goin' Down on the Farm at Loveyoudivine Alterotica

Before Switch Hitter was published, I had a short story, "Goin' Down on the Farm", released at loveyoudivine Alterotica!

Blurb: After graduating from high school, Ralph travels north to Iowa to help his family with harvest and is reunited with his cousin Scott.  Resigned to a summer of hot, sweaty work, Ralph is surprised when Scott introduces him to some hot, sweaty activities that don’t involve work.

Excerpt: I walked out of the water onto shore, giving Scott a triumphant smile as I reclaimed my drawers. He glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. For some strange reason, I didn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed as I stood buck naked in front of my cousin since I had realized my cock was a little longer than most guys my age. He gave a slight turn to his head and his gaze flickered downward for just an instant as I slid my briefs back on. I also noticed the tent growing in his.

Scott led me to a patch of grass where the sun would dry us off. We laid down on our backs, arms crossed behind our heads, looking up at the sky.

“Maybe you should think about transferring to college in New Mexico,” I blurted out.

Where the hell did that come from?

If Scott was surprised, he gave no indication. He chuckled instead. “An interesting idea. I don’t know much about mountains, except they’re cold in the winter.”

“Not the foothills.”

“They’re covered with ice and snow.”

“Only during the winter.”

“I can’t ski except on water.”

It was my turn to chuckle. “I can teach you.”

Scott rolled over onto his side, facing me. “Keep talking like that and I just might do it.”

I smiled up at him, his face close to mine. I began to wonder if he was going to kiss me. The thought sent blood pumping to my cock again. What could I do? If I rolled toward him, it would look like I was going to kiss him. If I rolled away…no. I couldn’t do that, but what could I do to hide my hard-on?

Delores called from the rise in the distance and Scott sat up to answer her summons to supper.

Was I relieved? Or disappointed? I was grateful for the opportunity to pull my jeans on to hide my erection, but what would it be like to be kissed by Scott?

I wanted to know.

Switch Hitter by Jon Michaelsen and Alex Morgan

My collaboration with author Jon Michaelsen, "Switch Hitter" has been released by loveyoudivine Alterotica to rave reviews!

4.5 Stars from Top2Bottom Reviews!

Ryan Field loved the BDSM scenes!

Blurb:  In baseball, a switch-hitter is a player who bats both right-handed and left-handed.

Top ranked MLB player, Jase Dockery, was having a record-breaking year until a sluggish bat threatens to derail his streak. To the world, Jase is a national hero, but the handsome MVP has a deep secret.

To rid his inner turmoil, Jase agrees to a tryst with a dominant S.W.A.T captain in a discreet location arranged by an enigmatic madam. Despite his apprehension Jase releases himself to Cap for a night of unbridled revelry.

His mood elevated the next day at practice, all Jase can think of is another rendezvous with Cap, but a stalking fan derails the ball player’s anticipation and hides him in a lake cabin outside Atlanta.

Jase wakes gagged and bound with no idea what he’s in for. His captor, Daniel, has plans to keep the slugger that have nothing to do with money. Sure his handlers are out searching for him along with police, Jase hopes they are able to locate him in time.

Can the smitten S.W.A.T captain rescue Jase from humiliation via live webcam without risking coming out to his comrades? Or will Jase help breach that wall for him.

  Excerpt:   Jase swallowed hard and counted to ten before taking a breath. Jesus Christ! He expected his subjugator to bust him over the head, take his wallet and bike, but nothing happened. “I…look, I’m sorry, man,” Jase managed. “Just forget it, all right? I made a mistake.” He flinched as an arm slipped higher around his chest. “I really need to go now.”

The man leaned in close to his ear, breathing against his neck. “Are you sure you don’t want to stay? I’m horny as hell tonight and you’re precisely what I need. Lady Velvet has never disappointed me. Anonymity is as important to me as it is to you, she assured.”

Jase didn’t answer with his lips as much as in the thickening of cock. Tendrils of lusciousness rose from the base of his balls and surged throughout his abdomen. He glanced down at the hand covering his left, at the thick fingers that had clamped over his own. Lady Velvet had said the man was a cop, a S.W.A.T. officer at that. What luck!

Fighting off fear, Jase found his voice. “I-I’m not sure this is a good idea,” he said, still feeling uneasy. The man’s hand moved up to caress his chest, fingers tweaking his hard tits. Jase held his breath, about to drop his load right there on the bike without shedding his clothes.

“My friends call me Cap.” The tip of a moist tongue slid up the base of Jase’s neck as the man’s hand settled on his crotched and squeezed hard. “I hear you’ve been a dick lately and need some attitude adjustment.”

Those final words sealed the deal for Jase. Concern and fear evaporated in the hotness churning between them. Jase wanted nothing more than to lose himself in the arms of this beast, captain of the S.W.A.T team.

Jase dismounted his motorcycle and faced Cap. His heart skipped a beat and his breath caught in his throat. The mustachioed face, more handsome than any professional athlete or model, stared back. The brown eyes seemed to draw him, engulfing his vision. He couldn’t look away, didn’t want to look away. His torso seemed to explode out of his narrow waist. His T-shirt stretched across a huge muscular chest.

The gorgeous specter smiled and Jase’s legs nearly buckled.

“Let’s see what Lady Velvet has in store for us.” Cap draped an arm around Jase’s shoulders and led him to the elevator.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Faire Day for Murder - A Psionic Corps available from JMS Books!

My latest novel, A Faire Day for Murder, is available from JMS Books!  It's the second in my Psionic Corps mystery series.

The brutal murder of an old man in his isolated farmhouse and very few clues leaves local law enforcement with no alternative but to ask the Psionic Corps for help.  Ian Houston with his paranormal abilities is called in but his presence isn’t welcomed by all.  The sheriff is convinced the owners of the nearby renaissance faire are behind the murder, especially since the victim was about to evict the faire from his land just as their season was getting underway. 

Ian is not convinced the case is so straightforward, especially since there are other people with just as motive for doing away with the old man; the neighbor whom he has had a long-going property dispute, the son who will inherit his lands although the farm isn’t very profitable; one of the many participants and patrons of the faire whom the old man harassed over the years.  To keep innocent people from being charged with murder, Ian must join the renaissance faire as a cast member to see if there is a murderer lurking among the ren folke.

Compounding his investigation is the beautiful actress Diana Morgan who instantly steals his heart.  But as a cast member, she is also under suspicion and Ian discovers she may have a dark past, too. 
A second murder confounds the investigation and the mystery becomes even more confused.  Meanwhile the sheriff is moving closer to charging the renaissance faire owners with murder.
Can Ian use his powers to find the real culprit and prove his new-found friends innocent?