Thursday, March 23, 2017

Oklahoma Higway Patrol facing huge budget cuts

First, Oklahoma City announces it might have to close schools because of budget cuts.  Now the Oklahoma Highway Patrol is bracing for the next round of cuts.  The agency is still reeling from cuts it experienced last year.  Since the state legislature refuses to end tax breaks and incentives for oil and gas, Oklahoma is facing a $900,000,000 budget deficit.

OHP Chief Rick Adams said:
"These cuts will force deeper operational restrictions, elimination of missions, possible closure of Headquarters, furloughs, and possible layoffs of troopers and other DPS employees. This Public Safety Crisis harms DPS and the OHP and will put lives at risk."
So what's Governor Scary Failing to do?  Cut funding to one of the most important agencies dedicated to our safety, of course!

Currently OHP has only about 600 officers, but ideally, they would have 950.  There were 845 in 1990.  Twenty-six percent of the force is close to retiring, and with no money for OHP training, it's going to be difficult to replace them.

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