Monday, May 11, 2009

Soumets-toi a moi released by loveyoudivine Alterotica May 1!

loveyoudivine Alterotica released 'Soumets-toi รก moi' on May 1, 2009, my FIFTH short story! It's a paranormal story of two lovers who find themselves between a beautiful treasure they found and the ghost of a pirate who wants it back!


In New Orleans, Henry meets Cole in a spooky cemetery for a quick hook-up during Mardi Gras. During their encounter, Henry finds a beautiful crucifix in a pile of dirt. Suddenly, they are being followed by the ghost of a pirate, wanting his treasure returned. Unfortunately, there is nowhere to hide even among the thousands of people in town for the celebration. What must Henry and Cole do to escape the fate that the ghost has in mind for them?


Henry nodded as he fished the strange object out of his pocket. Both men sucked in breaths. Even caked with dirt, it was stunning. Smaller than Henry’s palm, a golden crucifix, ornate and bejeweled, glittered in the low light. He took it into the bathroom and began washing off the grime. Most of the soil fell away at first but it soon became apparent that the precious item had been buried for a long time.

“Is it real?” Cole whispered over his shoulder as if speaking aloud would cause it to vanish into thin air.

“It’s real, all right,” Henry answered in the same low voice. “I think it’s solid gold. Feel how heavy it is.”

Cole felt the weight of the crucifix in his hand as Henry placed it delicately in his palm. “Wow,” he said, still afraid to raise his voice.

“Maybe we can find out something about it tomorrow,” Henry took it back and turned it in his fingers, scrutinizing the elaborate craftsmanship. “It doesn’t look anything like the crucifixes I’ve seen before.”

“Me, either,” Cole put in. “It looks kinda ancient.”

Henry wasn’t convinced it was more than a few decades old at most, but said nothing. He placed it carefully on the bureau. “We can find a museum in the morning and see if they can help us figure out how old or valuable it is.” Turning back to Cole, he smiled suggestively. “Now let’s pick up where we left off.”