Sunday, April 4, 2010

Leash of Faith released by loveyoudivine Alterotica on April 2!

Brian lives according the tenets of duty, submission and brotherly love. But not exactly in the way his parishioners expect from their pastor...

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Brian is the new, energetic and popular pastor of a church in southern Louisiana. His elderly parishioners dote on him as if he were one of their grandchildren. What’s the problem? He’s gay and so far into the closet that the skeletons are complaining of over-crowding. And he has a slave boy whom he has to keep secret. That’s not so easy in a small town where everyone knows everybody else. And the parishioners are used to their pastors having an open door policy! How can the Master Pastor maintain his lifestyle in a such a close-knit community and not get run out of town?

Darkness had fallen by the time he arrived at the state park, one they had frequented before. He paid the overnight fee to the ranger at the gate and found to his delight their favorite campsite was unoccupied. Not only that, but since it was a Sunday night, the park wasn’t busy and no one was too close to their site.
Brian heard the chirping of crickets, croaking of frogs and other night noises as he got out of the car. There were low sounds from the other campers as well. He went through the motions of setting up camp by erecting the tent and unpacking ice chests. He backed the car into the site such that the trunk faced the woods that surrounded the camping area. When he was satisfied that everything was in place, he popped open the trunk. Jody lay there in the darkness, smiling up at him with his eyes. The ball gag made it difficult to make many facial expressions. Brian threw him over his shoulder and walked a short distance into the trees, just a few yards from the campsite.
“Ah, here’s our favorite tree, slave,” Brian said, setting Jody on his feet and propping him against the trunk. The tree was dead but still had a sturdy trunk, with its branches and twigs reaching into the night, crooked and twisted like pubic hairs after being washed and blow-dried.
“You’re such a hopeless romantic, Master,” Jody said when Brian removed the gag. Pastor Brian retied Jody to the tree with his feet several inches off the ground.
“You were awesome today,” Brian said looking up at him.
“If I may say so, sir, you were a little rude to Vera White this afternoon.”
“That old biddy comes in right when I had you on the table, so deep inside you my dick was pressing against your Adam’s apple. The Lord will forgive me if I was a bit testy.”
Jody chuckled. “Your testes not withstanding, I think calling her a cadaverous old prune who could call Methuselah ‘sonny’ was a little too much.”
“At least, I focused on her good points.”
“Oh, all right. I’ll apologize and give her a double portion of wine at communion next Sunday. Anyway, you were good today, too.” Brian’s voice softened. “And I promised you a reward.” He leaned over and tickled the head of Jody’s cock with his tongue. At once, it rose to life and pointed at Brian, begging to be used. Brian swallowed him whole.
Jody let out a loud moan of ecstasy, then clamped his mouth shut. If he made too much noise, he could potentially alert the other campers, who might come to investigate. Pastor Brian could always hide in the trees, leaving him to explain his compromising position. But the fear of discovery just added to the sense of excitement and arousal of outdoor bondage and sex in the open.
He bit his lip, only allowing a soft grunt to be heard. However, Master was making it difficult to be quiet. The tip of his tongue ran up and down his shaft, to his balls. Jody felt the head of his cock press against the back of Brian’s throat.
That sensation of pleasure was all it took to ignite his climax. With a low growl emitted through clenched teeth, he came with such force he felt like a fire hose. Brian kept his mouth firmly clamped around his dick until he was completely drained.
Sweat ran down Jody’s temples, chest and spine. “Thank you, sir,” he panted.
Brian stepped back with a smile. “My pleasure.”
“Did you bring the bug spray? I feel mosquitoes.”
“Duh,” Brian said. “Do you think I’m forgetful?” He produced a small bottle with a spray nozzle from his back pocket with a flourish. He sprayed Jody’s cock and balls until liquid dripped from them.
“That’s great, sir, but that isn’t the only part they’re biting.”
“I know but right now this is your most vulnerable area,” Brian said with importance. “If one mosquito taps a vein there, she’ll explode and you could bleed to death.”
“You’re so smart, Master,” Jody said, chuckling.
Brian gave him a grin that was visible even in the gloom. He sprayed more insect repellant on his feet and was working his way up Jody’s legs when the bottle ran dry. “Crap. I need to grab some more. Be right back so don’t go away.” He laughed at his joke as he ran back toward the car. As he reached the campsite, a voice from another camper called out to him.
“Pastor? We thought we recognized your car.”