Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Oklahoman "endorses" Trump

Although The Oklahoman did not specifically say it endorsed Trump, the "non-endorsement" gist of the editorial makes it plain, it prefers Trump to Clinton.  The Daily Waste of Paper states that Donald Trump is the "wildest of wild cards" and a "flawed candidate".  But the editorial goes to much greater lengths to blast Clinton for her stances on policies (all without any citations, of course.  Who needs facts?).

Clinton has over eighty newspaper endorsements, including conservatives such as the Duncan Banner and the Stillwater News Press.  Trump has four, including the New York Observer (which has also endorsed Clinton) and the National Enquirer!  Nuff said.

The editorial ends with "By all means vote on Nov. 8, then pray for this country."

How did that work for the oilfields?





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