Wednesday, October 5, 2016

First Canadian in space, eh! 1984

Bottom (L to R) Jon A. McBride, Pilot, Sally K. Ride, Kathryn D. Sullivan and David C. Leestma, Mission Specialists. Top (L-R) Paul D. Scully-Power (Australian), Payload Specialist; Robert L. Crippen, Commander, and Marc Garneau, Canadian Payload Specialist. 

When the Space Shuttle Challenger launched on October 5, 1984, its crew contained the first Canadian astronaut, Marc Garneau.  It also contained the first Australian-born astronaut, Paul Scully-Power, who was the first bearded astronaut!  This was the first crew to include two women, and the first American woman EVA.

This was Challenger's sixth flight and the thirteenth of the Space Shuttle program.  Robert Crippen commanded the mission, which lasted a little over 8 days.  Challenger landed October 13.

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