Thursday, October 6, 2016

Book review - Beau and the Beast by Rick R. Reed

I like reading and writing gay twists on old stories such as fairy tales (no pun intended).  It gives a familiar feel to a story while indulging in a guilty pleasure.  Like eating one more chocolate chip cookies than you know you should.  The tag line for Rick R. Reed’s Beau and the Beast caught my attention, as an updated gay story and I had to read it.  As I mentioned before, the plot line is familiar but there are some nice surprises along the way.

Beau is a starving artist (literally) on the mean streets of Seattle.  When he is beaten unconscious by two hoodlums, he wakes up in a glorious mansion, being cared for by a masked man who only calls himself “Beast”.  Beast is tortured by a past which Beau is eager to learn, but the masked man keeps his distance, urging Beau to leave as soon as he has healed from his injuries.

The story takes place over a few short days but it is plenty of time for the romance to build between two wounded men. 

I really enjoyed and recommend Beau and the Beast, a short, fun read.

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