Thursday, October 20, 2016

Space shuttle Columbia (STS-73) launches 1995

Front row (L-R): Albert Sacco, Jr.; Kent V. Rominger; Michael Lopez-Alegria
Back row (L-R): Catherine G. Coleman; Commander Kenneth D. Bowersox; Fred W. Leslie, Kathryn C. Thornton

Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-73) successfully launched October 20, 1995 after six previous aborted launches.  It ties with STS-61-C for the most number of scrubs.  On Day 6 of the mission, the crew threw out the ceremonial first pitch for Game 5 of the World Series.  Mission Specialist 2 Michael Lopez-Alegria is the first Spanish-born astronaut.

Some of the crew appeared on the "Fear of Flying" episode of Home Improvement, February 3, 1996.

Oh, and UFOlogists claim Catherine Coleman reported seeing a UFO.  Another first for NASA!

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