Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Gemini VI is a (no) go! 1965

Crew of Gemini VI: Tom Stafford and Wally Schirra

The Gemini VI Agena Target Vehicle, launched from Cape Canaveral, October 25, 1965, was intended to be used by the Gemini VI crew, Walter Shirra and Tom Stafford.  Although the unmanned craft launched successfully, a mere 6 minutes after launch, an "anomaly occured" and telemetry and radar beacon were lost.  NASA tried to re-establish contact but were unable.  Patrick AFB radar "picked up 5 pieces" of debris where Agena was supposed to be.

Schirra and Staffrod had been waiting in Gemini VI to launch 101 minutes after Agena, but the mission was cancelled.

On December 15, 1965, the two-man crew in Gemini VI rendezvoused with Frank Borman and James Lovell in Gemini VII, a crucial success in getting to the moon.

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