Monday, July 3, 2017

Oklahoma Earthquakes: Blame man, not Mother Nature

NASA has turned its eyes in the sky earthward to study the rash of earthquakes that have rocked the Sooner State since 2009.  Their conclusions support the number of previous studies that link wastewater injections into porous geographical formations underground, i.e. human-induced activities, to earthquakes.

NASA's study focused on the largest earthquakes, the 5.7 magnitude near Prague in 2011 and the 5.8 magnitude near Pawnee, last September 3. Using their radar satellites allows them to see and study details of the earthquakes that were not previously matched and do not reach teh surface.

You can read the article below but the results of their study indicates "a human-induced earthquake resulting from wastewater injection, rather than a naturally caused quake".  The article opens with a statement saying "Oklahomans are no strangers to Mother Nature's whims" but as the article continues, it is clear Mother Nature has nothing to do with the Sooner State's earthquakes.

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