Monday, July 31, 2017

Newsok columnist Wingerter sucks up to Pruitt - WTF?

Justin Wingerter's post in today demonstrates a blind, uncompromising loyalty to Scott Pruitt, thinking that all this talk about the EPA administrator is exciting!  But even the first paragraph is enough to make someone seriously ill.  Any one with a brain, at least.  Wingerter sounds like a star-struck teenaged girl facing her teen idol.

Listen to this obsequious drivel:
"Critics and supporters of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt have found common ground in their shared belief that the former Oklahoma attorney general is operating with an efficiency and zeal beyond that of his predecessors."

I have yet to hear any of his critics use the terms 'efficiency' in describing his policies.  'Zeal' maybe, but not in a good way.  His 'zeal' is taking apart the EPA so oil and gas industries can pollute the environment with impunity.  This does not come as a surprise to anyone who has followed the process from becoming The Donald's nominee to somehow (God only knows) getting appointed.

Al Armendariz, a former regional EPA administrator stated: “I'm not aware there's ever been an environmental administrator with an agenda to roll back environmental regulations one after another.”

We've never had a pretender-in-chief so hellbent on destroying the environment.  The Donald put Pruitt there for  the sole purpose of dismantling the EPA.

Back in March, Pruitt denied a ban on chlorpyrifos, after a study from the USDA questioned EPA's methodology and mistaken conclusions that it is unsafe.  According to, there are some questions about the EPA study, but claims stronger data and conclusions come from the November 2016 report from Columbia  Center for Children's Environmental Health at Columbia University.

How convenient that Wingerter's post left out the citation for the USDA's study., on the other hand, listed 27 references, USDA not included.

It's been clear for a while that Pruitt is hostile  to the EPA while getting on his knees in the oil and gas industries, criticizing the EPA for its policies to protect our air and our water.  Pruitt is out to line  his pockets with the help of oil and gas.

“I'll do it as long as the Lord calls me to and as long as the president wants me to do it,” Pruitt said.

God help us all!
   (and references therein).

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