Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"The Time Machine" released onto the big screen 1960

H. G. Wells' classic tale The Time Machine was brought to the big screen August 17, 1960.  Since then, two more movies have been and its themes and references have been in dozens of television shows.  Wells published his story in 1895 and he is the one who coined the term "time machine".

In this movie version, Rod Taylor plays H. G. Wells, the lead character, but in the novella, the main character is never named.  He is referred to only as the Time Traveler.  The movie also did not have the Time Traveler traveling millions of years into the future when civilization has died out and Earth and the sun are dying as well.

The 1960 version of the movie won the 1961 Academy Award for Best Effects, Special Effects.  I enjoyed both this and the 2002 version with Guy Pierce and Orlando Jones, although it tended to divert from the novel a bit more than the 1960 version.

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