Monday, August 8, 2016

Billy Joel releases "An Innocent Man" 1983

My man, Billy Joel, released An Innocent Man, his ninth studio album, August 8, 1983.  It is one of the best albums ever by any artist.  Billy sings the title song An Innocent Man with such a smooth voice and the song is awesome!  He received two Grammy nominations and two American Music Awards nominations for this album.

The mood of An Innocent Man is an homage to Billy Joel's teen years, with a doo-wop sound.  He had just been divorced from his first wife and was single for the first time since he became a rock star.  He said he felt like a teenager all over again.  I remember Newsweek magazine giving it a positive critique when it was released.  The music editor said at the end  "Innocent?  Maybe.  Naive?  No Way."

Fall in love with Billy again and again:

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