Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Guion "Guy" Bluford, first African-American in space 1983

Seated (L-R): Daniel C. Brandenstein, Pilot, Richard H. Truly, Commander, and Guion S. Bluford, Jr., Mission Specialist. Standing (L-R): Dale A. Gardner, Mission Specialist, and William E. Thornton, Mission Specialist.

When the Space Shuttle Challenger blasted off August 30, 1983, it was the eighth shuttle mission, the third flight for Challenger and the first time an African-American went to space.  Dr. Guion "Guy" Bluford was born in Philadelphia and got his PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT).  He obtained the rank of colonel so does that make him Colonel Dr. Bluford? Dr. Colonel Bluford?

STS-8 was the first shuttle to take off and land at night.  The crew returned to Earth September 5.

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