Monday, November 7, 2016

Surveyor 6 launched 1967; First liftoff from the Moon!

The sixth Surveyor in the series and the fourth to achieve a soft landing on the moon launched November 7, 1967.  Its primary goals were to validate technology for the Apollo project to achieve a soft landing and to determine the relative abundance of chemical elements in the soil.

Surveyor 6 landed November 10 and a week later, its engines fired for 2.5 seconds.  It lifted off the surface about 3-4 meters and came to rest about 8 feet west of its original position, becoming the first powered take off from the Moon.

NASA put Surveyor 6 into hibernation mode on November 26 in preparation for the two-week lunar night and re-established contact on December 14, but no useful data was obtained.

How could it gather data if it was in hibernation mode?

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