Monday, November 28, 2016

Space Shuttle Columbia's 6th mission, launched 1983

L-R: Mission Specialist 1 Owen K. Garriott, Payload Specialist II Byron Lichtenberg, Pilot Brewster H. Shaw, Commander John W. Young, Payload Specialist 1 Ulf Merbold, Mission Specialist 2 Robert A. Parker.

Space Shuttle Columbia blasted off November 28, 1983 on her sixth mission.  Her commander was John Young, his sixth mission as well.  It was the largest crew to date, six!!  She carried the first Spacelab moduleand the first European Space Agency representative (West German Ulf Merbold).

John Young is the 9th person to walk on the moon and the first person to make 6 space flights.  Owen Garriott, who hails from Enid, Oklahoma, spent 56 days aboard Skylab 3 in 1973.

They landed safely December 8, 1983 at Edwards.

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