Monday, June 13, 2016

Pioneer 10 Passes Pluto 1983

Way back on June 13, 1983, when Pluto was still a PLANET, Pioneer 10 passed its orbit and entered interstellar space.  Of course, if Pluto had been demoted to a dwarf planet at the time, Pioneer 10 would've entered "interstellar space" years before.

Pioneer 10 carries a gold disc designed by Carl Sagan, which contains depictions of a human male and human female.  It also has diagrams to pinpoint Earth's location in the galaxy, in a solar system with NINE planets.

We've put it out there, people.  We told the entire Milky Way we have nine planets in our solar system!

Pioneer 10's last signal was received January 22, 2003, when it was about 12 billion kilometers from Earth.

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