Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Oklahoma: Where the hate comes sweeping down the plain

Oklahoma is a non-discriminatory state:  They hate everybody and don't care who knows it. First, blacks, then LGBT, educators, poor, women and now just businesses in general. 

KFOR published a story yesterday how Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce is concerned about the repeatedly negative legislation from the state legislature and federal representatives are hurting chances of Oklahoma garnering new businesses.  Elected officials in OKC and Washington are more concerned about where people can pee rather than addressing the crises facing education and the poor.

Who would want to set up business in an area that isn't welcoming?

On Sunday, the New York Times posted an editorial "Oklahoma Makes the Poor Poorer".  In it, they report Oklahoma Legislature voted a 5% increase in their budget before cutting tax breaks for the poor.

If that wasn't bad enough, Oklahoma 5th Congressional District Representative to the House of Representatives Republican Steve Russell introduced an amendment (which passed after some shady movements) which allows contractors to discriminate against LGTB people based on religious views.

U.S. Representative Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney tried to stop the amendment because it was all "about bigotry, plain and simple".  But Republicans sent him a message that bigotry, hate and inequality are just fine with them.

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