Monday, May 23, 2016

Tulsa World: "Surely Oklahoma has reached the tipping point now" - I seriously doubt it.

Ginnie Graham, columnist for the Tulsa World, wrote in today's issue that Oklahoma has reached a 'tipping point' or if not, is close to one. I don't share her optimism because there doesn't seem to be any indication Oklahoma politicians are going to change the direction they're headed. Down the toilet, where the minds of state officials reside.

Where are we going and why are we all in this handbasket?

Graham lists what the Oklahoma State Senate accomplished in one week:
1. Cutting $110M from the education system

2. Passing a Republican-sponsored illegal abortion bill, so "lawmakers are purposely passing bad laws to attract costly lawsuits"

3. A grand jury found that corrections officers were told “to Google” how to execute prisoners.

4. The parole board refused mercy for a man serving life without parole for selling an ounce of cocaine.

5. Passing bills to “adjust” the earned income tax credit, eliminating or reducing a break for about 200,000 poor, working families

6. Calling for the impeachment of President Obama and other federal officials and want a “religious” exemption on where people can take a piss.

Oklahoma politicos certainly does not have their constituents interests in mind, only their own.

Ginnie Graham: Surely Oklahoma has reached the tipping point now: Oklahoma sure had one embarrassing week. The state has to do better than what our elected lawmakers are giving us.

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