Monday, May 23, 2016

San Diego Padres 'discipline' employee after 'mishap'? WTF?

The Los Angeles Times report that the San Diego Padres have 'disciplined' an employee after Saturday night's "mishap". The Padres went on to say:

"that it had conducted an internal probe and concluded that there was "no evidence of malicious intent" by any of the individuals involved in the mishap, but the organization faulted personnel for not immediately intervening and correcting the situation."

No "malicious intent"? It was a deliberate act of sabotage! This was no accident! And what sort of "discipline" did they dole out to this employee? Sensitivity training? After publicly humiliating the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus, the employee needs to apologize publicly!
The Padres released a statement via Twitter saying "We apologize to anyone in the ballpark who this may have offended,..."

MAY have offended?  They still doubt that a single person was offended by that?

The Padres have a long way to go in just being human beings.  You'd think this happened in Oklahoma!

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