Thursday, June 22, 2017

Trump's EPA does not consider people, only oil and gas industries

The Donald's EPA has taken steps in the past few days to demonstrate its commitment to the oil and gas industry.  And they aren't even trying to hide it.

Monday, TEPA Admin Scott Pruitt appointed Jeff Holmstead, a lobbyist for the oil industry, as his No. 2 man.  Holmstead even testified before Congress last year:

“My biggest clients are utilities, refineries, a coal producer, and several oil and gas companies.”

Holmstead was a top EPA official during Shrub's administration and helped roll back regulations placed on the oil and gas industry to protect our clean water and clean air.  He will continue to pursue The Donald's ruinous agenda, to the detriment of Americans' health.

Tuesday, many of the scientists on advisory boards that their employment will not be renewed.  This comes after last month's dismissal of half the key scientists on 200 advisory panels, leaving the ranks of TEPA frighteningly low of scientists.  With so many seats now available, it is no stretch of the imagination to predict what is coming.  Pruitt and Holmstead, both in the pay of the oil and gas industry, will appoint like-minded people, and ignore the pollution released by these industries and its harmful effects on people.

We are doomed.

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