Monday, June 26, 2017

My latest "The Wooden Samurai" is now available from JMS Books!

My latest story The Wooden Samurai is now available from JSM Books!

In 1708 Japan, Hirata, a samurai serving Lord Takarada, is enjoying his elevated status in the daimyo’s army when he finds a gift, a wooden carving of a samurai on a horse.  Hirata realizes he has a secret admirer but who is it?  He discovers it is Matsuda, a young archer in Takarada’s retinue, who has taken a liking to Hirata.

But Hirata is not ready for a relationship with a man and refuses Matsuda.  After his rejection, Hirata realizes that he does love Matsuda, but now the archer is far away with Lord Takarada in Edo Castle and he does not know when they will return.

Hirata decides on a plan to convince Matsuda that he is ready, but before he can put it into action, an earthquake and a tsunami destroy the daimyo’s manor.

Hirata becomes frantic, since he has no idea if Matsuda is alive and if he will ever see him again?

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