Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Trump's war on the environment ramps up

Not a good week for the environment.

The Donald surprised no one when he announced he would remove the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, in which almost every nation in the world has agreed to put policies into place that would help reduce global warming.  From the beginning, The Donald said he did not believe global warming was real, calling it a hoax created by China (which he later denied saying).  News clips showed him sitting at the conference without headphones, demonstrating he was not even interested in listening to the speakers.  Simply childish.

Last week, scientists published a report refuting Scott Pruitt's claim that warming had levelled off.  Of course, Pruitt offered no evidence corroborating his statement, but scientists have collected mountains of data proving he is wrong.  The day after Pruitt's irresponsible rambling, NASA reported a "pulse of melting ice" was so large it actually put a dent into Earth's crust. The study indicates that as the Artic continues to warm, pulses like this could occur more frequently, and earthquakes can be created by Greenland's glaciers calving.

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