Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Talequah businesses not accepting gov-issued Cherokee Nation IDs

Once again, Oklahoma proves it is a breeding ground of hatred, bigotry and racism.  Businesses in Talequah, Oklahoma are posting signs in windows stating they no longer accept the Cherokee Nation's ID cards.  A sign appeared at EZ Mart, which stated "state-issued identification or driver's licenses".  According to the article on nativenewsonline.net, Buffalo Wild Wings and a local bar, Ned's, are also refusing the Cherokee Nation's ID card.

Cherokee Nation ID cards have been issued since 2012 and are government-issued.  This is nothing more than racism and hatred.

Way to go, Oklahoma.  We can't even go more than a day without becoming a global embarrassment.



Rachel Shoemaker said...

You can't use one of the only forms of Oklahoma identification that will soon be accepted by airlines. Go figure. Your Oklahoma license is no good to fly, very soon, but if you have a CNO identification card you're okay. I think everyone should stay away from any place that refuses to accept a CNO identification card, especially on CHEROKEE land, the Cherokee Nation!

Oh, I forgot. I live where Mary Failing's daughter considers a headdress a fashion statement so I guess a CNO card is a form of a fake id now. LOL

So, yeah, never mind.

Guess what just became my primary id? My CNO card :)

Alan Scott said...

Rachel, I didn't realize that your CNO card is accepted by airlines. I knew the Oklahoma Driver's License, at one point, was not allowed but I thought the morons in the capitol finally got that straightened out?

James W said...

Oklahoma got yet another extension