Monday, July 25, 2016

Gov. Mary Failing dead-pans comical speech at RNC

Watch the country’s worst governor deadpan her speech at the Republican National Convention in the clip below.  How could she keep a straight face?  Fortunately, we can tell she did not plagiarize anyone because nobody could pen a speech that stupid.

At one point she delivers what she thinks is a powerful message, but the audience waits several seconds before thinking:  "Oh, we were supposed to applaud her?  Okay."

She talked about the importance of education while Oklahoma's educational system is in critical condition, not certain if it is going to survive.

Did she even read her speech before she went out there?  Did she intend to make herself look bad?  I doubt it.  From what I understand the RNC was all about fear.  Failing goes onto say that we ‘live in fear’ and ‘our spirit is almost broken’.  Who was she talking to?  We do live in fearsome times but not all of us live in fear nor are our spirits even close to being broken. 

Thanks for the fear-mongering, Failing!  Let’s keep it un-real!

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