Thursday, November 17, 2011

Review of The Stroke of Midnight by Wayne Mansfield

Mansfield’s collection of gay horror/erotica contains something for just about everyone, including those who may not always enjoy a spooky tale, from the good ol’ standards with vampires and werewolves (Shadows and Light; The Wolf at the Door), to sea-faring tales (Sea Daemon; The Ghost Ship), to science fiction (Exiled to Tansa) and the delightfully creepy Dead Hungry.

Mansfield knows how to spin great tales and can also keep the sex scenes fresh story after story.

My favorite Stranger on a Stormy Night is a chilling tale of a man who, after a night of unbridled passion, realizes how a momentary drop in his guard marked him for survival. The story is scary but the sex is warm and gentle.

However the sex is anything but in The Ghost Ship. For fans of multiple partner/gang bang scenes, this one is sure to please. It takes plunderin’ for booty to a whole new level.

The only misfire was The Heart’s Desire, a story about a disgruntled writer’s search for love. Maybe Mansfield is getting something off his chest.   :{D-

Overall, in The Stroke of Midnight, the stories are great and the sex is hot!

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