Friday, November 18, 2011

Revenge: from the Master's Dungeon series available Nov 25!

The latest chapter in the Master Mike and mutt series, Master's Dungeon will be available from loveyoudivine Alterotica on November 25!

A former slave of Master Mike’s is back and now a Master himself.  But he still harbors a grudge against Mike for selling him off years ago.  Now he’s out for revenge!


“I was angry for a very long time,” Master Bert said. “But I came to realize that You did Me a favor. I realized that I was more inclined to be a Master than a slave.”

"That would certainly make a lot of sense," Master Mike responded. "You had an opinion on nearly everything I did and weren't afraid of voicing it."

Bert chuckled and took a drink of His beer. "That should've been My first clue."

"And mine," Master Mike muttered.

Master Bert laughed again. This time it didn't seem natural, more like it was forced. It sounded obsequious to my ears. Was He trying to convince master His anger had subsided simply to placate Him? Why after all this time? Was He nervous? Was He sweating?

i shook my head to clear my thoughts and stop imagining things. my canine persona always brought out the guard dog in me and i was on alert for any threat to Master. But it seemed my imagination was running amok. There wasn't any danger here, was there?

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