Monday, April 17, 2017

"Gamera vs Barugon" released 1966

The second film in the Gamera series, Gamera vs Barugon, released April 17, 1966, is the only film not to feature a child or pre-teen as a main character.  It takes place six months after Gamera, who was last seen trapped in a spaceship and launched.  A meteor collides with his ship and he returns to Earth with a vengeance.

Meanwhile, a large opal has been discovered and it turns out to be an egg.  It is exposed to infrared light and eventually, Barugon is hatched and all hell breaks loose.  Barugon can freeze things (including Gamera) from some sort of "freeze-ray" from his tongue.  He can also emit a rainbow spectrum from his back which can destroy things.

Gamera thaws out, kicks Barugon's butt and saves the day!

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