Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Columbia (STS-55) launches for 14th Mission 1993

First row (L-R): Pilot Terence T. Henricks, Commander Steven R. Nagel, Mission Specialist 2 Charles J. Precourt
Second row (L-R): Mission Specialist 3 Bernard A. Harris, Jr., Payload Specialist 2 Hans Schlegel, Mission Specialist 1 Jerry Ross, Payload Specialist 1 Ulrich Walter

Space Shuttle Columbia blasted off April 26, 1993 on its 14th mission and the 55th overall mission for NASA's Space Shuttle program.  She carried 5 Americans and 2 Germans.  The mission conducted 88 experiments, ranging from biology to observations of Earth, sponsored by 11 different nations, only 4 of which were NASA's.

The mission surpassed the 365th day in space of the Space Shuttle Program and the 100th day in space for Columbia.

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