Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Agnes Moorehead born 1900

One of the most talented actresses ever, Agnes Moorehead, born December 6, 1900, was nominated for four Oscars, all for Best Supporting Actress but never took home the statue.  Their loss because she was fantastic.  She died of uterine cancer, a consequence of filming The Conqueror in Nevada in 1954 close to where the US Government was conducting nuclear tests.  The radiation fallout also resulted in the deaths of John Wayne, Susan Hayward and Dick Powell.

She did win two Golden Globes, one for her role in Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte! for which she SHOULD have won the Oscar.

Another of my favorite performances, besides Endora on Bewitched, was her Twilight Zone episode, The Invaders.  In this performance, she does not utter a single word throughout the entire episode.  Now that's awesome acting!

Be warned:  This clip contains spoilers!

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Zander said...

Wow,never heard that cancer link.