Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Leaving the Panama Canal

We reached the locks on the Pacific Ocean side of the canal.
The container ship on the left is the MSC Anisha R from Monrovia.  We followed her into the canal that same morning.

We shared locks with this sight-seeing yacht and the Leto, which can just be seen coming into view around the bend in the background.

Entering the locks.

Mule drivers were friendly.

Entering the first chamber.

We waited for the Leto at every lock because she was so slow.

Bob touching the side of the Panama Canal.

Fuzzy touching the side of the Panama Canal.

Going down slowly.

The doors opening to allow us into Lake Miraflores, another man-made lake.

At the other end of the lake is the last set of locks.

Here comes the Leto finally.

Going down again.

Doors opening.

Entering the last chamber.


Going down for the last time.

Doors opening.

Toward the Pacific Ocean.

Entering the Pacific Ocean!

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