Monday, December 5, 2011

Smithsonian Museum of American History

Our friends Dan, Robin and Ann came down from New York City for the weekend. They wanted to see the Smithsonian Museum of American History so that was our first stop. We entered the National Mall through the Smithsonian Information building, which had winterberries garnishing the wrought iron gates outside.
Fuzzy, Robin, Ann and Dan pose outside the Smithsonian Information Building.

The Christmas tree in the Information building.
Modern art outside the American History Museum.
After touring the 'America at War' exhibit we walked across the hall and were greeted by Dumbo, the former Disneyland ride. I suppose they need some comedic relief from the somber exhibit across the hall.
The Peanuts exhibit.
Four rare Stradivarius.
Dorothy's slippers. (No, we didn't bow down and worship them.)
Rare comic books!
Julia Child's kitchen.

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