Friday, September 16, 2011

Cornerstone Deep: Book 1 by Charlene A. Wilson

I had the pleasure of reading Cornerstone Deep while in its draft form. Now in its final form, it is even more enjoyable. Cornerstone Deep reads as a science fiction/fantasy – romance, two genres that usually aren’t found together but Charlene A. Wilson makes them work.

Cornerstone Deep is a mythical realm ruled by lords and guarded by three wizard brothers: Cole, James and Vincent Shilo. Only the lords know of the brothers’ wizardry; the rest of the city knows them only as the founders’ sons.

They’re immortal but unfortunately their women aren’t. They have to ‘relocate their soulmate after she has been reincarnated. They will seek out her soul from lifetime to lifetime.


Sometimes they aren’t successful. Cole has given up hope of finding his beloved Mianna until they ‘harvest’ a curfew-breaker for one of the lords. He cannot ignore the calling of her soul to his even though now she is the property and under the control of Lord Dressen.

How can Cole rescue her without angering the Council of the Lords and the gods of this realm?

Wilson has a keen eye for detail and gives the planet /dimension Meridian, the setting for Cornerstone Deep, plenty of vivid details. She has created a beautiful world in which magic is powerful but has boundaries.

Love, however, has no boundaries. That is the underlying theme of Cornerstone Deep. Nothing can separate two people in love, not even the barriers of different dimensions in space.

Everything is tied up nicely at the end of Book 1, but Wilson does leave opportunities open for more excitement in Book 2. She has a knack for whetting the readers’ appetite for more. I’m glad because Cole, James and Vincent are certainly characters you want to see more of.

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