Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Show us the pics!

As virtually every other American did, I reveled in the news of OBL’s death. If I still lived in Alexandria, Virginia I probably would’ve gone down to the White House like several thousand people did.

But I was disappointed when I heard they had already given him a burial at sea. It seemed a bit too convenient. Not that I didn’t believe them, I just wanted to see the proof, the pictures, even though they were likely grisly and horrific. I understand President Obama’s decision not to release the pics was in the best interest of everyone and he wanted to avoid angering the Muslims.

However, despite the Navy treating the world’s most evil man with far more respect than he deserved, some Muslim clerics deemed it humiliating and vowed revenge. It seems anything a non-Muslim does is going to piss off a Muslim cleric. They probably wouldn’t be as snippy if they realized that some of us would’ve like to see his body dragged through the streets and spat upon like the…now who was that again?...oh, yeah, the Muslims in Mogadishu, Somalia did.

Maybe there’s a happy medium here. Henry VIII ordered the decapitated heads of his enemies publicly displayed on pikes. Lieutenant Maynard sported the head of Blackbeard the pirate on the bowsprit of his ship when he returned from his bounty. We could’ve met them halfway.

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