Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 6 - Arecibo, Puerto Rico

No, I didn't forget Day 5, but that day we relaxed even more than we had all week. We slept in, drove around a little bit and then walked down to the Atlantic Beach Hotel bar to drink beer and chill!

Raymond met us at the hotel and took us to the Arecibo Lighthouse and park on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico. It's a brand new park that had just opened, and geared mainly toward kids but we had a good time, too.

Recreations of ancient islanders life and culture.

Iguanas are everywhere.

The aquarium exhibit had sandbar sharks and moray eels!

Turtle kisses?

From the lighthouse, we had a beautiful view of the ocean.

The Arecibo lighthouse.

Beautiful countryside!

More iguanas!

I asked Fuzzy to pet one while I took his picture. His response is not appropriate for general audiences.

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