Saturday, April 23, 2011

Puerto Rico - Day 1, Ron Bacardi Distillery

Despite the lack of directions and after driving around for a couple of hours, we finally found the Bacardi Distillery in Catano, Puerto Rico (Our GPS couldn't find anything with the word 'Bacardi' which in Puerto Rico is like not finding the Great Arch in St. Louis). The distillery is situated on some beautiful land.

Fuzzy enjoys the tour!

The famous Bacardi Bat.

Me and the bat.

The gorgeous art deco style of the main building.

The pavillion area where they serve free (small) cocktails to visitors.

The world headquarters on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami has similar artwork.

Another look at the main building with the sun behind it.

Beautiful landscaping.

A view of El Morro from the Bacardi Distillery.

I enjoy a refreshing beverage or two in the pavillion.

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