Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 4 - Fort El Morro and Castillo

Of course, we had to do the touristy thing and visit the fort El Morro and the Castillo, two amazing structures from history.

The fountain just inside the San Juan Gate.

Fuzzy prepares to make the hike across to the fort, not nearly as close as it seems!

The fort lighthouse wasn't built until the eighteenth century.

The small chapel.

The view from a lookout point.

My, what a big cannon you have!

Here I am, wearing a Captain Morgan T-shirt in Bacardi country!

The chapel from the level above.

The Strategic Half-mile. From here the Spanish could guard the port of San Juan and all the other nations vied for it. Even Queen Lizzie I had Drake try to take it but he failed. It's the stretch of land where we spent our second afternoon relaxing at the bar!

Fuzzy behind a whole stack of big black balls!

An iguana!

A view of the fort from a WWII lookout point at the castillo.

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