Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Soyuz TM-10 launched 1990

Soyuz TM-10 crew: Gennadi Manakov (L) and Gennady Strekalov

Soyuz TM-10, the tenth mission to the Soviet space station Mir, blasted off August 1, 1990.  It was Commander Gennadi Manakov's first flight and Flight Engineer Gennady Strekalov's fourth.  They took off with one passenger, but by the time they got to Mir, they had two.  A quail, which was aboard for some experiments, had laid an egg before they reached the station.

The quail and Toyohiro Akiyama, a reporter and the first Japanese in space, returned with the cosmonauts in December 1990 aboard Soyuz TM-11.

I could not find any videos of Soyuz TM-10 on Youtube, but here is the launch of Soyuz TM-11 which took Akiyama into space.

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