Friday, January 6, 2017

Five reasons Scott Pruitt is the worst choice for EPA

The Donald has put Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt's name forth as director of the Environmental Protection Agency, a man who is a global warming denier, anti-clean air, and on his knees in the oil and gas industry.

The  Sierra Club posted 5 things about Scott Pruitt that are terrifying.  I actually most of them except his fight against EPA's Mercury and Air Toxins safeguards.

In a nut shell,

Pruitt receives major donations from oil and gas industries, which oppose the Clean Air Act, a policy that has  been in place since 1970 and has greatly reduced air emissions from fossil fuel burning power plants.

He has plagiarized a letter from an oil and gas industry giant and sent it to the federal government and EPA using State of Oklahoma's stationery.

He has sued the EPA several times opposing anything that doesn't allow the oil and gas industry free reign to pollute the atmosphere.

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