Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Handel's "The Messiah" World Premiere 1742

George Friedrich Handel

Rather than during the Christmas season, George Friedrich Handel debuted his oratorio masterpiece during Lent, April 13, 1742 in Dublin, Ireland.  About 700 people attended the premiere.  Gentlemen were asked not to wear their swords (probably a good idea for a host or reasons) and ladies not to wear hoops so they could get as many people in the concert hall as possible.

"The Messiah" was well-received in Dublin but not so much in London.  Despite its initial cool reception in London, "The Messiah" is a Christmas staple.  An amazing feat, since Handel took a little over two weeks to compose the entire piece.

The London Symphony Orchestra performs "For Unto Us a Child is Born".  Handel has been redeemed. 

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