Friday, January 6, 2012

Hearst Castle - Small Guesthouse

The small guesthouse (of three) is only 2500 square feet, six bedrooms and six baths with a sitting room.

Princess Leia? 


The ceiling of the entry hall to the small guesthouse.  Many of the ceilings were purchased in Europe.

Hearst's bathrooms were ultra-modern for the times.  They had showers instead of bathtubs.  His guests, confused by the new contraptions, stopped up the drains with washcloths and took baths in 2 inches of water.  They had to be shown how to use a shower!

The small guesthouse is known as Casa del Monte because of the view of this mountain, which marks the northernmost boundary of the Hearst estate, 27 miles away.

The gracious sitting room.


The middle guesthouse is not open for tours.

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