Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stranded Bi the Storm by David Sullivan

David Sullivan's story, Stranded Bi the Storm, free from loveyoudivine Alterotica's Bi-line is short, sweet and hot! This is the first erotica story I've read from him since "Stopped For Speeding" and he turns up the heat from that initial work.

Dylan is traveling south on Highway 101 through Oregon during a deluge when he nearly collides with a northbound vehicle, driven by a sexy Hawaiian named Kimo. A beautiful policewoman works the accident and tells Dylan he cannot go any further south because a landslide has closed the highway. She suggests a hotel in the small town of Florence, where he just passed through.

Kimo follows Dylan to the quaint hotel only to discover there is one room left. After a few minutes of debate, they decide to share the room. While the storm rages outside, a lot of passion is ignited inside.

A word of advice: Do not read this story at the gym if you are wearing thin shorts. Don't ask me why I mention this. Just take my word.

The only misfire in the story is the imaginary joint Dylan and Kimo share. I'm not certain if this was meant as some comic relief but it was a little odd.

But, the story ends too abruptly, which could mean that Sullivan is planning to add more chapters and adventures for Dylan, Kimo and the sexy policewoman Washburn.

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