Sunday, July 24, 2011

Burning Love by Nomar Knight

Nomar Knight is an accomplished and exceptional horror author so I was intrigued when he wrote an action thriller, with not a spooky specter in sight. Whether it’s a grisly tale or a battle between hit men, Knight tells a great story.

In Burning Love, Candy Seymour thinks she has found her perfect man in Sam Collins. Unfortunately, that dream is irrevocably shattered when she learns her Mr. Right is also Mr. Hit Man. Torn between leaving him, knowing that he knows she knows, or becoming like him and not his next victim, she takes the second options.

As a test of her abilities, Sam sends her to kill his wife. The hit goes awry when Sam’s wife is accosted by another attacker just as Candy is about to go in for the kill. She becomes her victim’s savior instead of assassin.

Sam is furious but gives her a second chance to eliminate his wife. Before that can happen, Candy bumps into Lucas and is immediately swept off her feet, harder than she did for Sam. Lucas seems to be everything Sam is not. Then he offers her the opportunity to be rid of Sam forever.

From then on, Candy’s life is a whirlwind of running for her life and fighting for her life. Soon she doesn’t even know who she can and cannot trust.

Knight pumps up the adrenaline as Candy tries to figure out how she is going to come out of the biggest adventure of her life alive. He also injects a bit of science fiction and humor in the persona of a talking computer that takes an instant dislike to Candy. Who knew computers could be bitchy and catty?

As the climax approaches, I found myself reading too fast and accidentally skipping ahead in excitement. I had to force myself to read slower but Burning Love grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let go.

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